Suite Quaroni for a romantic getaway in Palermo

Being in love means being willing to compromise, share and take on the element of surprise. It also means wanting to make someone else smile and spend time together while taking in everything that surrounds us. That’s why Palermo is a very romantic city - the ideal place to spend a pleasant vacation with the one you love, making memories that will last a lifetime. Palermo is a city full of surprises with its many styles, humor, and diverse humanity, creating the perfect stage for shared food and cultural experiences.

Palermo is one of those cities that can be savored either in just one weekend, or slowly over a period of time during which you can admire its warmth, beauty and relentlessly captivating pace. Suite Quaroni is placed right in the heart of the historical center of the city in Via Maqueda, a pedestrian-only street that connects the Teatro Massimo (the opera house) to Stazione Centrale (central station). It is an elegant and welcoming B& B that aims to offer a comfortable stay to any couple who wishes to spend a romantic weekend or a longer stay in Palermo.
Quaroni Suite is the ideal starting point for anyone who wishes to easily reach some of the most romantic places on foot, changing your perception of the city. The Teatro Massimo is a must-see: after all, what is more romantic than opera or ballet in one of the largest opera houses in the world? Those who are keener about popular traditions can rather head toward the streets across from Teatro Massimo and enjoy a show at Teatro Cuticchio of the traditional Opera dei Pupi (a traditional form of Sicilian theatrical representation using marionettes to recount stories like the one of Charlemagne and his chivalrous knights).
Palermo is best if seen from up top, therefore, it’s impossible to pass up seeing it from the roof of the Cathedral, especially at night, to take in a different dimension of the city with cupolas and residential roofs that make an unforgettable scene. Those who dare to go up higher can go to Monte Pellegrino and il Santuario di Santa Rosalia for a breathtaking view of the city. If you are into fitness, you can walk all the way up to the Santuario, and enjoy different views of the Conca d’Oro and its beauty from different points.
Palermo is seafarer city: a stroll by the Foro Italico is enjoyable especially as you walk near the Orto Botanico and Villa Giulia (two botanical gardens). If you decide to head to the opposite side of the city, toward Mondello, those who enjoy the beach can splurge during the warm season by swimming in clear waters. Mondello is synonymous for sea for many Palermo residents. Walking the promenade, taking in some of the most notorious Liberty-style villas in the city while letting the sun warm you up, even in the coldest months of the year, is definitely a pleasant experience. When you arrive at the piazza (the local square) the contrast of the crystal blue water against Monte Pellegrino is the perfect setting for a brioche with gelato or a panino con le panelle, a typical street food of Palermo.
Suite Quaroni’s comfortable rooms, together with its ideal location in the historical city center, excellent service quality and staff availability will make a great beginning for a romantic getaway.

Food & Love

vacanza di coppia a palermo - a cena fuori
Food is one of the most romantic things you will experience in Palermo - sharing and savoring street food; a plethora of tasty traditional pastries; the authenticity and originality of the traditional markets; even the most sophisticated cuisine that blends traditional elements and pairs them with wines from local vineyards that mirror the character of the island.
Just about every corner near Suite Quaroni you can find small restaurants, typical trattorias, gourmet restaurants, street food vendors, lounge bars – everything at an easy walk away while enjoying the company of your loved one.
You can also easily reach some of the historical markets – Capo, Ballarò, Vucciria – with their colorful and diverse sounds and sweet and sour exotic aromas that will take you back to a time and a place that no longer exists, but continues to persist through the use of current traditions.