A taste of Sicilian traditions - breakfast in Palermo

Many think Palermo is the best city where to eat: a plethora of traditional and gourmet restaurants, trattorie, as well as bakeries and bars, including street food sold all over by mobile vendors can be found. Eating in Palermo is a ritual, an important time to be together and share ideas and opinions in between a calzone stuffed with ham and cheese, a fried iris stuffed with ricotta cream, a freshly squeezed orange juice or a latte di mandorla, a Sicilian almond milk-based drink. In the early morning hours people who are heading to work populate bars for coffee, a pezzo (meaning one piece of any baked or fried breakfast item sold at Sicilian bars), or a croissant. But in truth, any time of the day is the right time to take a break and have a snack at a cafe in Palermo.
Suite Quaroni aims to offer a typical Palermo style breakfast to its guests, with its classic breakfast foods from the rosticceria siciliana as well as a good espresso, a freshly squeezed juice of local citrus fruits and more. One advantage of staying at Suite Quaroni is the ability to adjust breakfast time to your usual daily or newly planned routine. Every room is equipped with an espresso machine and a selection of coffee as well as with a tea kettle and a mix of teas and herbs, allowing you to have breakfast in the comfort of your room or the space at your disposal, such as in the small private balcony that every room is equipped with.

Enjoying breakfast at Suite Quaroni

For a pleasant vacation in Palermo, reserve a room at Suite Quaroni, a welcoming B&B centrally located at a short distance from the Teatro Massimo the main historic markets – Capo, Ballarò, Vucciria- and enjoy every moment of a daily break with a long lasting breakfast, savoring a traditional local baked food or street food of Palermo.
You will be able to try a Sicilian pezzo di rosticceria siciliana, a croissant, a fried “iris con ricotta" (brioche-type of bread stuffed with chocolate bits and a cream made with ricotta cheese) at a typical bar in the city center, and enjoy not only other products, but also the typical atmosphere that the city offers.