Art, History, Culture, Food: vacationing in Palermo

Palermo is a city that offers a lot to anyone visiting it from abroad. It lends itself to being discovered, savored and experienced moment by moment, day by day and in every season, offering a different experience each time. A UNESCO World Heritage City, Palermo offers a plethora of monuments, churches, historical buildings, while also offering an array of traditions and folklore that make it a vibrant and tireless city, meeting every tourist expectation.

Art and culture and culinary itineraries, historical and artisanal shops, traditional Sicilian horse carts and street food all make Palermo suitable for everyone, whether you are visiting alone, with friends, family or a significant other.

Thanks to its location lodged at the heart of via Maqueda, inside the walls of Palazzo Quaroni, Suite Quaroni is the most convenient solution to visit Palermo without giving anything else up.
Vacanza romantica a Palermo

Vacationing with your loved one

Palermo, a romantic city to discover at sunset, in the evening, or strolling in the sun

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Cosa fare a Palermo con i bambini in vacanza

Vacationing in Palermo with your family

Visit Palermo with your family while having fun among gardens, sea and monuments

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Palermo e l'itinerario UNESCO arabo normanno

Palermo - UNESCO world heritage city

Discover Palermo and the masterpieces of the UNESCO Arab-Norman route

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