“Art renews the people
and reveal life”

This is the inscription above the frontal columns of the resplendent opera house, Teatro Massimo. The inscription is a powerful affirmation suitable for Palermo, city of art, culture and traditions, ever a complex point in the Mediterranean and a key joint between Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Despite its neo-classical style, the Teatro Massimo, is one of the brightest examples of the kind of influence that both art-nouveau and Liberty style have had on Palermo between the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 1900s. It’s an expression of the effort by the aristocracy of the city in trying to level with other aristocracy of Europe, while also capturing mementos of local royalty during those times. As a result, no more churches are built, only opera houses, gardens and villas. The influence of art nuveau (or Liberty style) is still visible in some of the most resplendent villa designs in the city as well as in the beach area of Mondello.
The construction of the Teatro, the biggest opera house in Italy and the third one in the world, right behind the Operà of Paris and the Statsoper of Vienna, was initiated in 1875 by the architect Giovanbattista Basile, who following his death, left his son, Ernesto Basile, in charge to complete the interiors and exteriors of the masterpiece. It was Basile junior who injects art nuveau (Liberty style) into the interiors of the Teatro Massimo, making it one of the most beautiful opera houses in Europe.
The Teatro Massimo is renowned for the perfect acoustics of the Sala Pompeiana, whose brilliant symmetry allows anyone who stands at the center of the room to amplify their voice abysmally. The gathering spaces, on the other hand, have a unique echo effect designed to allow for private conversations during intervals.
A plethora of fascinating and prestigious operas and ballets are scheduled at theTeatro Massimo throughout the whole year, as well as concerts and special shows for a younger audience, allowing children to become acquainted and fascinated with the opera house.
Suite Quaroni is located at a short walking distance from the Teatro giving you a chance to not miss out on an opera or a ballet at one of the largest opera houses in the world. Our staff at Suite Quaroni is at your full disposal to provide any information on scheduled events.